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                            CARA ART AUCTION  5 December 2013

                               I donated this painting, from a choice of 3, to the auction.
                               It was small enough to travel to London in my suitcase!

                        A Fleur de Peau         Huile sur Toile        61x45.5 cm             2012

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“Artists are the proverbial canaries in the coalmine. When we stop singing, it’s a sure sign of repressive times ahead.” ThERESA BAyER
Supporting Artists Afsoon, Mohammed Al-Shammarey,
Jim Anderson, Steven Appleby, Sina Ata, Shelagh Atkinson, Nick Baker, Hazar Bakbachi-Henriot, Antonia Black, Quentin Blake, Bluelou, Andrea Byrne, Billy Childish, Jeremy Deller, Stuart Denyer, Christian Furr, Kay Goodridge, Ulyana Gumeniuk, Maggi Hambling, Marcelle Hanselaar, Tony Husband, Ben Jennings,
Jane Joseph, Issam Kourbaj, Amanda Lebus, Anastasia Lewis, Hsiao-Mei Lin, Harriet Macaree, Elizabeth Hyde Macmurray, Hanaa Malallah, Grete Marks, Sonia Martin, Jane McAdam-Freud, Rodrigo de Matos, Judy Ann Macmillan, Jenny Mellings,
Tvg Menon, C. Morey de Morand, Aliya Musina, Vicki Olverson, Yasemin Omer, Robert Orchardson, Raquel Orjuz, Emily Patrick, Jila Peacock, Monica Petzal, Polyp, Harry Pye, Chris Riddell,
Kate Robinson, Samer Saem Eldahr, Tim Sanders, Peter Schrank, Stig, Charlotta Sparre, Ralph Steadman, Madeleine Strindberg, Soraya Syed, Bryan Talbot, Ineke Vanderwal, Edmund de Waal, Rhonda Whitehead, Haegue Yang and Lutfi Zayed.

CARA was established in 1933 by Sir William Beveridge and other key figures
of the day to rescue academics being persecuted under the rise of Nazism
and Fascism across Europe and enable them to continue their work in safety. Those helped in the 1930s and 40s were an extraordinary group from across the disciplines, including Nikolaus Pevsner, Ernst Krebs, Karl Popper, Max Born, Max Perutz, Ernst Gombrich, Karl Mannheim and Sigmund Freud. Eighteen went on to become Nobel Laureates and over 100 were elected as Fellows of the Royal Society and British Academy, leaving an extraordinary legacy. CARA’s work has continued over the decades, responding as and when world events place academics in danger: Hungarian Uprising, apartheid South Africa, Latin American Junta, Former Yugoslavia and, more recently, Sudan, Iraq, Zimbabwe and Syria, amongst others. Since 2006, in parallel with its core rescue mission, CARA has been working to sustain dedicated academics in crisis-affected

countries. Working in partnership with 95 universities that make up the CARA Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network, it aims to promote and defend academic freedom and provide practical support to persecuted academics.
Council for Assisting Refugee Academics is a UK Charity No. 207471



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                         Auction was on 5th Dec but there may be future ones

                 A Tribute to Kathleen Byron
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                                                             21st  November 2013  

                       I actually came to London to participate in this tribute to my mother 

                        actress Kathleen Byron, at the (click here) CINEMA MUSEUM

     Powell & Pressburger scholars and Kathleen’s family talk about the actress best known as the disturbed Sister Ruth in Black Narcissus, and from A Matter of Life and Death. A CINE SISTERS event. 
                                                            Thurs 21 Nov, 19.30 

Matter of Life and Death 


Black Narcissus


                                                               Small Back Room

                               Cat Lover  with Snowball

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salon meuble maison décoration
9-17 November 

PAINTING ACTION CUT  12 November 2013


blank canvas, acrylic paint, acoustic scissors
a painter and a sculptress working spontaneously, simultaneously ...

                                         I paint, she cuts !

Je peins, Stéphanie coupe 

                                                      80 minutes later... FIN

Stéphanie Hamelgrain 


A l'ombre de Matisse

I2 July - November 2013

One woman show in the new offices of CENTURY 21's AGENCE VICTOIRE.
This is the agency's first art exhibition, and they intend to operate as 
an art gallery as well as an estate agent.

Dans le cadre de la manifestation Nice 2013, Un été pour MatisseCentury 21 
     présente Harriet Macaree, artiste peintre anglaise, grande admiratrice de Matisse
 depuis ses études de beaux arts à Londres, et fortement inspirée par la couleur, 
le geste et la simplification du grand maître.   

            Nice has a huge homage to Matisse going on in about 10 galleries all summer,
            and as a follower and great admirer of his, my show fits under the umbrella heading!


Peintre anglaise, éduquée au Lycée français de Londres et à Cambridge, j'avais déjà échangé mon paisage natal pour celui du Mexique de 1980 à 1991. Pendant 11 ans j'ai peint les couleurs électriques de l'Amérique Latine, la beauté de ses habitants indigènes, la richesse de ses paysages, la pauvreté de ses villages.
Arrivée à Nice en 2007, je revenais m'installer sur la Côte d'Azur où j'avais passé des belles vacances d'enfance, dont les souvenirs devenaient presque mythiques, invitée chez des amies à Antibes, Juan les Pins, Monaco dans les années 60…

J'ai d'abord voulu réagir d'une maniere concrète à ce que je voyais de ma fenêtre à Cimiez, cette végétation exubérante de la méditerranée, les tons intenses de la mer, cette lumière rose-dorée du midi, l'exotisme tropical des jardins, la couleur et la sensation de la chaleur, les arômes d'agrumes, de sureau, jasmin, glycines…
Mes premières toiles Niçoises essayaient de capturer ces impressions- balcons ensoleillés, fenêtres ouvertes, ombres et reflets ,  chemins menant à la mer, vagues, écume, et une lumière toujours transfigurante.

Cette première période d'assimilation passée, je suis maintenant à la recherche d'une abstraction et d'une simplification de mes thèmes qui les rendraient plus intenses, plus universaux- une condensation d'aperçus et d'instants vécus, idylles, nature, joie de vivre…C'est un long chemin!

                                                   Century 21- paintings in the workplace


9th JULY 2013  MONACO


I cheekily wrote to ask CARLOS SANTANA if he would like to exchange my original artwork for his 1992  album for some tickets to his concert at the Salle des Etoiles, Sporting Club, Monte Carlo.

Here is a photo of the art work, a collaged mixture of my Mexican paintings and photographs, produced long before the days of digital art and photography, for The Best of Santana, Sony UK, 1992.

Carlos generously offered me and Phoebe tickets without any request for the art work, but I insisted on giving it to him anyway ( poor man) when we went backstage after the concert ! Plus a couple of original jazzy acrylics I thought he might like. A welcome return to the days of barter.

It was a wonderful evening, great performance by Carlos and a magical sequence by his guest, maestro guitarist John McLaughlin, who sat next to us at the artists' table. 

Backstage, we spoke in Spanish. Carlos appreciated the genuine Mexican flavour and detail of the collage, Oaxacan and Mayan children, flora and fauna, local colour... He'd never seen it before as he's rarely involved with marketing and production abroad, but said:
      'Se ve que es hecho con mucho amor! '    ( 'I see it's been created with lots of love!)'

I kept the original inner sleeves, pre printing of titles and credits, as not much use to anyone!
They were flood damaged too...

                                                                  Inner sleeve left 


                                                                Inner sleeve right 

               All photos were taken over the 11 years I spent in Mexico from 1980 to 1991.

J'ai fait un échange 'culturel' avec Carlos Santana. Je lui ai offert mon collage original pour son disque 'The Best of Santana', Sony UK 1992 à la place de deux billets pour son concert au Sporting de Monte Carlo! Il m'a généreusement offert deux billets, sans rien me demander, mais je lui ai apporté l'oeuvre tout de même. Le concert était superbe, belles performances de Santana et de son ami, le maestro John Mc Laughlin.

L'oeuvre carrée est celle que j'ai donné à Carlos, les deux collages oranges étaient des supports pour textes, titres et crédits, (dommagés par une inondation) et restent dans un tiroir au studio. Toutes mes photos datent des années passées au Mexique entre 1980 et 1991.

Monday, 27 January 2014

L'Italie à Table, Promenade des Anglais, Nice.

30 May- 2 June

Very brief show of paintings on the Promenade , with L'Italie à Table,
lots of pomp and circumstance, a visit from the Maire de Nice, Christian Estrossi ...




Eclosion   Oil on Canvas   116 x 81 cm    March 2013       Harriet Macaree  .



formerly a biscuit factory, then a wine depot

 I had the white gallery, in the bowels of the Museaav

                                              a huge multipurpose arts warren,  rather like

                                            Warhol's Factory, with less fame and notoriety!


                           Chimère      Oil on Canvas     81 x 59 cm     March 2013     Harriet Macaree


                                        H2O   Oil on canvas   163 x 112 cm    April 2013       Harriet Macaree

1. Painting Action Cut with artist  Stephanie Hamelgrain
                              Museaav 4 April 2013

                  Video by PHOEBE JACOB-EPSTEIN
                                          Phoebe Jacob-Epstein  blog2  / blog3  /  blog4

Photos of performance courtesy of  JEAN-MARC ANGELINI

     9 canvasses hanging in the air...

Action, paint, cut ...


2. Live Painting with  designer  Fiona MacKechnie

                                           (click above)

Museaav 13th April 2013

                 Our First Collaboration! 30 minutes later, two styles, one theme...
                                                  Acrylic on canvas, 200x 200 cm

Over to the public, children first 
Participation du public, enfants d'abord

Edison ( centre)  and members of public

                        Jon Bryant, Phoebe Jacob-Epstein, Edison and Bluebell, Kate

                                                Jon, Bluebell, Edison, Phoebe, Kate